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The role of practical gadgets in the advertising industry.

We present articles about our products in the trade press, OOH Magazine.
Well-tailored gifts help customers use the products every day.













Foreign press about us.

PSI Journal presents BOTT products like measures, wristbands and tokens.
Gadgets are used in various industries from agriculture, food, chemical to the insurance industry.



















The company will present its products for the first time at the advertising fair in Warsaw. The stand will shows two sections: scoops and practical gadgets and an event department with wristbands and tokens.

For years, Bott has been looking for good quality, useful gadgets, which everyone eagerly uses at home, in the company or on the farm. In fact, only such gadgets effectively fulfill their role as an advertising medium.


- We have been talking with agencies for years and we explain how our products are widely used. Measures on which you can print any scales, we can use in agriculture, food industry (at home, for measuring spices, powders), architecture (paints, varnishes, various types of chemicals), feeding small and large animals. There are a lot of ideas for the measures, we are sometimes surprised at what interesting ideas our clients fall into. Similarly with buckets, everyone needs a few buckets at home and it is a great advertising medium. As far as this product is concerned, we have already made implementations for agriculture, for events, fairs, for the construction industry, cleaning companies, restaurant chains, banks, for social campaigns (eg water saving campaign), even a beer company from Finland, bought buckets with their logo for cooling beer in saunas - says Barbara Spychaj, Commercial Director of Bott.

You will be able to see our exceptional solutions on the market of promotional items in September, Bott invites you to visit the stand E8A.

- At this year's Festival, we hope that we will be able to talk to new and already affiliated advertising agencies, share our experience with them when it comes to the wide use of presented products - adds Barbara Spychaj. will take place on September 18-19. in EXPO XXI Warsaw. This is the largest industry event this type in the second half of the year.

As part of the fair will be organized the fifth edition of the MARKETING MIX conference. A meeting with the participation of practitioners and experts in the field of sales and marketing will take place on the second day of the fair.





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At Promo Show Professional, we presented our advertising scoops, i.e. agricultural buckets, measuring cups, rain gauges, agricultural frames, barrel liquid level meter Barrel+, calipers and others.










We participated in this year's Promo Show Professional meeting in Warsaw. You can read a summary from the meeting #PSP2019