Token A small – fi 23,3mm              Token B big – fi 29 mm



 Token C small – fi 23,3mm               Token D big – fi 29 mm






Plastic jetons with imprints simplify and speed up the selling of beer, drinks, sausages and snacks. Tokens are fastened together on lanyard with hanger. There is also no possibility to lose them, even during the sunbathing on the beach











Available colors of tokens (according to PANTONE) :



Colors of imprint:






Available pictograms without costs of matrix:




PREMIUM TOKENS without holes

premium tokenIn response to customer wish we have designed a new token, token PREMIUM – a VIP version. The new tokens have any holes and look very exclusive especially with gold and silver imprint.





They have more space for logo premium tokensoverprints. They can be used as vouchers for picnics or outdoor events. The PREMIUM tokens can also be printed over with standard pictograms such as drink, beer etc. 







Available colors of small tokens C (according to PANTONE) :


Available colors of small tokens D (according to PANTONE) :

Colors of imprint:



Available pictograms without costs of matrix:


 Tokens with hanger are our original solution. It became very popular to use plastic token as substitute of money.


tokens on hanger


The unique way of packeting the jetons on hanger allows to create different catering sets. It is like in fast food nets – sets encourage the customers with lower price, but at the same time the sellers gain higher turnover. It is easy to apply the following rule: ,,in set is cheaper”.
Hanger is a very useful element.






tokens with hanger

Tokens can be hanged on neck, so there is no possibility to lose them. The customer doesn’t have to take a wallet. The lanyard gives the possibility to use the catering even during the sunbathing on the beach. This solution gives the opportunity to feel free during the amusement. It gives freedom.





cloakroom tokens

The tokens can be used as plastic numbers for cloakroom or as a key fob with metal ring.






On the customer’s wish we are able to produce the numbers for cloakroom with individual logo, text or design. Imprint is made in hotstamping – technology – it means the imprint is pressed on hot, so it is very durable. 


żeton wózek brelok



Tokens with our fobs are very good solution for market trolleys.



- reduction the quantity of cash registers
- they make sale easier (there is no need to give the exchange)
- encourage to buy more products – “in set is cheaper” 
- individual imprint = unique identification of the event
- the tokens can be used many times
- the tokens can be a nice gift
- attractive printing can become an additional advertising medium
-  remember! the token means also a service (toilet, shower, parking)
-  A and C token can be used for shopping trolleys


- max. 10 tokens on hanger
- durable imprint thanks to the hotstamping-technology
- imprint on one or both sides
- the same imprint in different colors with any additional costs
- token A is designed for market trolleys
- possibility of sequential numbering







The tray for tokens helps to count tokens and to keep them in order.

The tray is designed for 500 tokens. It has 50 cavities for 10 tokens each.