Usage of wristbands and tokens

Wristbands and tokens can be used in different places and meet different expectations of customers.

Mostly they are used as single tickets for different events, but they can also be used in hospitals, during meetings, conferences or even for marking luggage or children during the youth camps.








using wristbands

The imprints of special label on wristbands, where you can fill in your personal information.

opaski zastosowanie

The imprints on tyvek wristbands with one tab and on vinyl wristbands with five and ten tabs.

opaska z kuponami

The tokens are mostly used instead of cash during picnics, festivals and in fun fairs. If we additional print the numbers then we can use them in cloakrooms or as key fobs in hotels or on camping sites. The smaller tokens fit inside market trolleys and together with our fobs they build an advertising mediums.

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